Effective June 5, 2017, CCR/EV360 will be using the following servers for their course offerings.  All academic courses, speedbuilding courses, and live speedbuildign dictation classes have moved to our new CCR/EV360 Learning Management System (Purple).  The only course site that will remain on the old EV360 Academic Learning Management System (Red) is the EV360 Skill Development.  Check out the sections below for additional information and links.  To view the letter that was sent to all students on June 2, 2017, Click Here!

CCR/EV360 Learning Management System (New Purple Site) - Login

This link is to be used for accessing live dictation classes (channels), academic courses, speedbuilding courses, community of interest, etc.  This is the new LMS effective June 5, 2017.  Please note that this LMS is also the place you go to for live dictation classes.  All live classes and recordings will be in the applicable dictation channel.  If you need to access live class recordings prior to June 5, 2017, there is a link in each channel to go to the old SAS. Log in link for CCR/EV360 Learning Management System (New) is: http://www.ev360ultimate.com/myev360es/moodle/login/index.php

CCR Learning Management System (Old Red Site) - Login

This link is to be used for accessing the EV360 Skill Development, Self-evaluations, and SAP Tests (Attempt and Submit).  You will be able to access the EV360 Reporting for students.  The course on this site you will be accessing is the same site you have been accessing called EV360 Skill Development Resources.  

Log in link for skill development courses is: http://www.ev360.ccr.edu/LIVE/Moodle/login/index.php

Old Blackboard Collaborate SAS - Login

This login is provided to students to access the recordings of the live speedbuilding dictation classes.

Log in link for the Blackboard Collaborate SAS is: https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/myelluminate


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      Graduate Spotlight Welcome to National Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2018! College of Court Reporting (CCR) loves to share alumni stories because we are so proud of their accomplishments. We all know completing court ...

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    Thursday, 15 February 2018
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